Episiotomy and repair

This is a video tutorial made for medical clerks rotating in the OB GYN department to help them master the basic skill of repairing a second degree episiotomy (episiorrhaphy)

In this video, we also review the 4 types of vaginal laceration (degrees of laceration), and the advantages of a midline episiotomy over a mediolateral episiotomy

Main reference for the lecture is Williams Obstetrics 24th edition chapter 27

To download the lecture deck: episiorrhaphy

To view the video on youtube:


I also made a video on basic suturing (basic stitches) that may be useful for you to review before you learn about episiorrhaphy.

This video instructional is especially made for medical students, or OB GYN residents in training, to help them review the basic stitching skills needed for an episiorrhaphy.

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