Labor Induction and Augmentation

Learn more about the indications, contraindications and various techniques for cervical ripening, labor induction and labor augmentation.

To view my lecture on youtube:


  1. hello doc!i know you are busy, its really nice video lecture. i got your video when i was searching good Leopold’s maneuvers video and i got your lecture, its helped me a lot during OSCE. then i follow all your lecture series before my class and review some second year topic bcoz our recommended text also same. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH DOC FOR HELPING US.
    little suggestation better use William’s OB 25th edition doc .
    again thank you so much


    1. thanks! i dont have electronic copy of 25th edition though😣… i will look for copy😊… o baka meron ka? hehe… anyway, i double check sometimes with the 25th book, its still the same naman 😊


      1. some ACOG guidelines are change most of same doc. doc here is link if you didn’t get 25th edition yet but i already see video in youtube from 25th edition. Thank you so much Doc,your are really helping a lot, nowadays we are used to with watching video before exam at least once.


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