Shoulder dystocia

Learn about the different maneuvers to address shoulder dystocia.

To download my lecture deck, pls click:


  1. i just discovered your blog, thank you so much doc! I’m so happy i stumbled across this. I’m a junior clerk from cebu and we’re pbl based so we self-read most, if not all of our topics. Our first module is obgyn and your lectures really helped me understand my readings more. Thank you doc!!

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  2. Hi doc, I am a post grad intern, and I am very grateful I found your blog, and subsequently your youtube channel!! I am looking to learn as much as possible specially because face to face duty at this times is not feasible. I have just started reviewing OBGYNE topics, and your lectures are very very helpful; and I am really enjoying them. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and I hope to keep learning and developing. Stay safe, doc! God bless you

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